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Saturday, 17 March 2018

20th Century Stone Celestial Zodiac Sundial Statue



  • 1 Fine 20th Century Stone 3 Graces & Zeus Garden Celestial Zodiac Sundial. 
  • With a beautiful cast bronze sundial plaque centre on the top showing 12 signs of the Zodiac with Roman numerals.  
  • Having a round top & octagonal base.  
  • With the 3 Graces & Zeus around the sides. 
  • The zodiac is an imaginary band, centred on the ecliptic, across the celestial sphere and about 16° wide, in which the Sun, Moon and the planets Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn are always located.
  • The band is divided into 12 intervals of 30°, each named (the Signs of the Zodiac) after the constellation of stars which it contains.
  • The sun's ecliptic longitude may be measured against this scale.  
  • It came from out of rather splendid large country stately home garden in Shropshire. Offered in fine used condition. 
  • Rather heavy 70kg approx.
  • It has rather fine natural weathered aged patina.
  • The top does lift off for ease of shipping.
  • Circa late 20th century, 40 years old approx. 
  • Made of the finest composite cast stone. 
  • International worldwide shipping is available please ask for quote & we can ship by pallet at reasonable cost.  
  • Viewings are welcome by appointment only for customer support please send us a message thankyou.  
  • Cash on collection is welcome.  

Dimensions in Inches & Centimetres Approx 

33" Total height  (84cm) 
15.5" Length of top (39cm) 
10.5" With of bottom base (27cm)